JURNAL STMIK SURYA INTAN 2021-06-08T05:47:21+00:00 Aida Rohmah Open Journal Systems APLIKASI PENGOLAHAN ADMINISTRASI PENDUDUK PADA KANTOR DESA KALICINTA KOTABUMI DENGAN PENDEKATAN RAPID APLICATION DEVELOPMENT (RAD) 2021-06-08T05:25:49+00:00 Gustina Gustina Rahmad Andika Pratama <p>The village office kalicinta south kotabumi district, is one of the regional tools <br>that have the main task of implementing some of the northern district government <br>affairs. In performing the main tasks, kalicinta village has a function of serving the <br>community, improving the quality of community services, promoting community <br>empowerment.<br>Government aperature that regulates its territory orderly and secure and <br>carry out the development of a more advanced society. Because this agency has not <br>been fully computerized included in the data processing system of the population, <br>then the activity undertaken is still not effective.<br>The problems that are common in the population system in the village <br>kalicinta is not efktifnya in the data collection and information obtained is not fast, <br>sometimes the data have been obtained hard to get back because it is less developed <br>as much as possible and less effective as well as in storage and search population <br>data yaang In and out still use the ledger.<br>After doing various analysis related to the above conclusions then the authors <br>provide suggestions and opinions that can be used as a guide or picture to repeat the <br>problem in processing the data of residents in the village kalicinta. Then the authors <br>make a thesis with the title "computerized system data population villages kalicinta <br>district Kotabumi based visual basic".Hope is able to help and provide the best <br>solution for the village office.</p> 2021-06-08T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Junal Ilmiah Informatika & Komputer Surya Intan METODE KRIPTOGRAFI CAESAR CHIPER PADA APLIKASI CHATTING BERBASIS LOCAL AREA NETWORK (STUDI KASUS STMIK SURYA INTAN KOTABUMI) 2021-06-08T05:24:36+00:00 M. Abu Jihad Plaza Muhammad Ishak <p>The communication process always happens all the time. Various communication tools developed and used to support the achievement of the communication process. Various models of communication tools can be found, either in the form of physical (hardware) or in the form of applications (software). Interconnected computers allowing users to communicate with each other and share information.<br>In practice, computer network users are often faced with communication problems between users. The existence of such applications can support the successful use of a computer network within an agency.Chat application is used as a medium of communication among fellow computer users connected in a network, whether through text, image, or sound.<br>The built application uses the program aspect implemented into the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm used as the standard cryptographic algorithm of Caesar Chiper. AES itself is a cryptographic algorithm by using a caesar chiper algorithm that can encrypt and decrypt data blocks. This software development is done in several stages of developer method, some of the stages, namely requirement analysis, system design, implementation, system testing and maintenance.</p> 2021-06-08T05:24:35+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Junal Ilmiah Informatika & Komputer Surya Intan APLIKASI REKAP DATA NILAI RAPOR SISWA SDN 01 BANJAR SAKTI 2021-06-08T05:34:53+00:00 Chandra Irawan Riana Oktaviani <p>SDN 01 Banjar Sakti is an elementary school located in Gunung Labuhan District, Way Kanan Regency, which was founded in 1997.The system for the recapitulation of student report cards at SDN 01 Banjar Sakti still uses manuals by its homeroom teacher, so it is very prone to errors and the length of time it takes to do it. that matter.<br>The current student score writing system is still very manual and very troublesome for the homeroom teacher in writing or replacing incorrect data.<br>Based on these conditions, the researcher took the initiative to make a report card processing application designed using the prototype method and made with Borlan Delphi, so that it is hoped that it can help the school in carrying out its duties and save work time and minimize errors that can occur. This application only discusses value recapitulation so that the resulting report is only a recap of values.</p> 2021-06-08T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Junal Ilmiah Informatika & Komputer Surya Intan SISTEM INFORMASI PEMBAYARAN KLAIM BPJS FKTP PERSALINAN PUSKESMAS DI KABUPATEN LAMPUNG UTARA PADA BPJS KESEHATAN KOTABUMI MENGGUNAKAN METODE WATERFALL 2021-06-08T05:40:12+00:00 Nurbaiti Nurbaiti Rizki Saputra <p>The Social Security Administering Body (BPJS) of Health is a public legal entity established to organize a health insurance program for all Indonesians, both among the lower and upper levels and employees of private and non-private companies. BPJS Health of Kotabumi branch in cooperation with Health Facility of First Level (FKTP) of Puskesmas in Regency of Lampung Utara, amounting to 26 Puskesmas. Based on the total number of Puskesmas, BPJS Health has activity in every month that is payment of BPJS Health claim specially on delivery at Puskesmas in North Lampung Regency. In the implementation of BPJS Health claim payments on report generation is still done using Microsoft Excel. The problems found in these activities are as in collecting separate data, the occurrence of error in human error in recording data claims payments because often the occurrence of redundancy of data repeatedly caused duplication of data caused by the user in doing penginputan data.<br>Based on these problems then the researcher makes a payment system BPJS FKTP claims of labor by using waterfall method and Visual Basic 6.0 to make the application. Data collection methods are interview method, observation method, literature study method, with the purpose of assisting in making the required reports obtained quickly, precisely and facilitate the search data that can improve the effectiveness of work.</p> 2021-06-08T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Junal Ilmiah Informatika & Komputer Surya Intan PERANCANGAN DATABASE INVENTARIS BARANG DI DESA BUMI NABUNG KECAMATAN ABUNG BARAT LAMPUNGUTARA DENGAN MENGGUNAKAN METODE PROTOTYPE 2021-06-08T05:47:21+00:00 Yuntriani Yuntriani Ardan Nizma Asady <p>This research the title "Goods Inventory Data Processing Applications at Bumi Nabung ". Processing of the data items used by Bumi Nabung regular use of computerized systems, particularly the inventory report on Bumi Nabung, this makes time to be a little hampered, of course, on the inventory report. It is necessary for the application of data processing inventory better and faster at bumi nabung. In the inventory data processing used in completing the final task, the software used is Delphi 7. As for the writer to use the problem-solving method development system proposed by the sutabri system using SDLC methods.</p> 2021-06-08T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2021 Junal Ilmiah Informatika & Komputer Surya Intan